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Senate Republicans Add Scrotum-Cleansing for Top Earners into Tax Cut Bill

WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans, working feverishly to shore up support for a deeply unpopular tax plan, added scrotum-cleansing as an additional benefit to the top tax bracket to the bill Thursday morning, hoping to prevent possible defections from the forthcoming vote.

Currently, the nation’s top earners are taxed at 39.6% of their income, not including capital gains or deductions. The business rate is 35%, though most are able to deduct to about 24% on average, with no scrotum-cleansing for any earners. The new plan aims to cut the personal rate to 38% and the business rate to 20%, and include scrotum-cleansing for top-bracket earners as well.

Senate Republicans promoting testicle-cleansing for the wealthy on Capitol Hill yesterday.

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