Black Lives Matter Demands Montenegro Change Name

WASHINGTON – Montenegro has surfaced in the news lately, as President Trump appeared to shove the small Balkan nation’s prime minister out of the way in preparation for a photo with other NATO leaders.

Black Lives Matter Protesters outside the Embassy of Montenegro Friday

However, it was the decade-old nation’s name, derived from black mountain in Latin, that drove the ire of Black Lives Matter protesters outside the nation’s embassy in Washington this weekend.

“Negro is a terrible word, and it should be illegal!” screamed Betsy Adams, a senior gender studies major at Howard University.  “How dare the Ancient Romans not take the plight of contemporary African-Americans into consideration!”

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković, could not be reached for comment.  “His schedule – oh, it’s ok, everybody thinks you’re so strong! – sorry, his schedule is full this month,” his exasperated secretary said over the phone, while whimpering was heard in the background.  “We don’t have black people here anyway” she added.

Black Lives Matter has workshopped new names for Montenegro.

“We’re demanding they rename it Monte-legally-lingually-societally-and-culturally-oppressed-peoples-largely-descending-from-the-African-continent-taken-and-enslaved-by-white-men-for-profits-#peopleoverprofits,” said Adams.

Protests continue unabated.

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