Entire Trump Administration Derailed by ‘Perfect’ Late-Night Comedy Joke

NEW YORK – The Trump Administration has come to a crashing halt, with all executive branch offices of the federal government vacated as of 8:00 AM Monday.  The apparent cause of the political thunderbolt was a totally “perfect” joke, delivered in the usual Wednesday evening broadcast of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah by the host, Trevor Noah.

By SKEWERING, DEMOLISHING, BURNING, TACKLING, DESTROYING, and EVISCERATING former President Trump for his blatantly racist and misogynistic views in a perfect zinger long sought by late-night comedians, that left several audience members dead from laughter-induced seizures, Mr. Noah finally put an end to the tyranny and recklessness of the Trump administration.

Former President Trump departed the White House on Marine One this morning, after a very brief statement.

“I have been DEMOLISHED,” he said, “at least, my huuuge ego was. Because I see that now.  I see my massive flaws.  Now I know that I am a raving, emotionally unstable… lying… person – with, by the way, no business talking politics on television, believe me. I just want to acknowledge my sense of huuuge personal defeat and total and complete, absolute surrender, and you gotta know I was wrong about pretty much every issue. Bigly”

Trump’s cabinet resigned en masse, including his Vice President Mike Pence, who said in a statement, “that joke totally TORE into us. The comedic left has scored absolute victory. I renounce my faith, and I’ll be entering liberal conversion therapy.” He left the Briefing Room rubbing his chest irritably.

By Friday, Late-Night comedians were accepting showers of roses from their respective liberated audiences, bowing, crying tears of victorious joy, and guest-appearing on each other’s shows to high five and talk about the two-and-a-half years of DESTROYING Donald Trump that finally ended in total victory.

“How did it feel to deliver the ABSOLUTELY DEMOLISHING blow?” asked host of CBS’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert, of Mr. Noah, wiping his tears and sipping whiskey on air, to the smug smiles and crossed-arms of his audience.

“Rewarding,” answered Noah modestly. “I was beginning to wonder what power words have in America.”

Salon, Daily Wire, Vox, Quartz, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and every Tumblr blog contributed to this report.  They can be reached at theflatearthtimes@gmail.com

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